Emma Brigitte Martin


Emma has been a Savile Row Tailor for 10 years having started her apprenticeship with Dege and Skinner at number 10 Savile row in 2010. Emma specialises particularly in bespoke coat making and her knowledge ranges to all styles of coats, from riding jackets to overcoats and everything in-between. She has mostly produced male garments but she also enjoys making for the female figure due to the sculpting of the canvas to create a feminine silhouette. Using 90 percent hand stitching techniques in her coats, she is able to tailor to each individual’s body needs; every unique stitch is used to mould and shape, so making a sharp and beautiful garment.

Craft Spotlight

Teaching Bespoke Tailoring

Passing on this wonderful heritage skill is a calling Emma is passionate about. Not only to spread a craft she is proud of, but she has always had a fascination with what makes people ‘tick’ and how to get the best out of them. Whilst helping build the foundation of the London Academy of Bespoke, she also tutored her Savile Row apprentice Jon, one to one, and having completed his intense 3 year training with Emma, he has now gone on to be a Savile Row coat maker himself. She will be available for talks on tailoring later this year and courses will be confirmed in 2021. Please however contact Emma if you are interested in a more bespoke course for ‘one on one‘ lessons.

Suiting cloth

The cloth used to make a bespoke suit has to be of the highest quality, only using natural fibres to help the coat breathe for the ultimate comfort of the customer. These natural fibres mixed with innovating finish and weaving will compliment the tailor’s hand, making a coat anyone would be proud to be seen in.

Hand stitches

Hand stitches are a major part of constructing a bespoke garment. Padding stitch, baste stitch, cross stitch, prick stitch to name just a few, are used in the process, uniquely executing and manipulating the canvas and cloth. It is in this way that a tailor can create the shape and body of a coat with the pristine finish that shouts ‘Savile Row’.

Savile Row

Savile Row is the international byword for ‘bespoke’ tailoring, having been populated by the trade for 250 years. There are over 10 Tailoring Houses present, but with only 2 passing through the generations and still being family run - one being Henry Poole and the other Dege and Skinner, where Emma has perfected her craft. Now working part-time from Grandey’s Place, Emma can offer you the excellence of Savile Row, its traditions, disciplines and unrivalled craft excellence.

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