Minnie Osborne

Traditional & Modern Upholstery


Minnies’ passion for repairing and restoring furniture came from a young age and resulted in her enrolling in the AMUSF Upholstery Course at the London Met University. Now she is embarking on her own business at Grandey’s Place as part of the Grandey’s Place Crafted Upholstery Collective.  Her main aim is to be able to provide a service for people in order to ensure their furniture can last for the next generation whilst also preserving the use of traditional methods and techniques.

Changing the upholstery of a chair or sofa will completely transform the look and longevity of the item. Minnie will always use ether appropriate methods required in order to ensure the item is reupholstered to the highest standard. Fabric is a major part of this process and she will always talk through with the client choosing the most appropriate for the item and it’s use. 

Craft Spotlight

Chair Caning

In chair caning we use rattan palm which is stripped and pealed giving it a flash and glossy texture. We then weave it in a variety of different methods depending on the chair but the most commonly recognised pattern is known as ‘The Seven Step Method’ and looks similar to honey comb.

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