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Grace Brennan

Artist and Scenic Artist


Grace is an artist and scenic painter with extensive experience across a multitude of painting disciplines. Having produced paintings, sets and props for many artists and collaborators she went on to become a QEST Scholar, studying Scenic Painting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Since this she has continued to work on commissions for internationally renowned artists as well as venturing into painting for theatre, film and television.

Running various jobs prompted the creation of EBGB Scenic, a resource for any kind of scenic painting: from faux finishes to dramatic large-scale murals and backdrops. This was founded in the hope of keeping the art of scenic painting modern, dynamic and relevant, whilst maintaining the historic skills and techniques of the profession.

Craft Spotlight

Bespoke Murals and Backdrops

Grace has created extensive Murals and backdrops for art exhibitions, theatre and television, both in situ and studio-based canvas works, designing and realising everything from photorealistic film stills to abstract backgrounds; Georgian landscapes to Sci-Fi space-scapes!

Faux Paint Finishes

Much scenic artistry is making one material look like another, using the historic art of faux paint finishes, transforming simple materials into fine veneers, aged masonry, precious metals or rare marbles.

Trompe L’oeil 

‘Trick of the eye’ paint techniques that make backdrops or paintings appear three-dimensional or lend space and distance to what would otherwise be a flat surface, often a key part of successful mural design and painting.

Painted Scenery

Theatrical scenery can be transformed, creating realistic and spectacular three-dimensional sets, turning resin into stone, canvas into mud or plywood into concrete!

Costume, Clothing, Leather and Denim Painting

Costumes and clothing can benefit from scenic painting, from the ageing and distressing of costumes to bespoke requests such as painted leather and fabric.

Model Making and CAD

Theatre design utilises both physical and virtual scale models to visualise set designs and scenic finishes, giving a great sense of what the full-scale version will look like.

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