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The Journey of Creation

“Every canvas is a journey all its own” - Helen Frankenthaler.

Commissioning a work of craft excellence from one of Grandey’s Place’s supremely talented craftspeople promises an experience that is so much more than the simple placing of an order or buying a finished article in a shop or at an auction.

‘The journey of creation’ is often as inspiring and rewarding as the final work itself. The personal interface with your chosen craftsperson, first embracing the concept, then the design stages, can be a true joy. Imagine taking the opportunity of a day, or several days, to visit your craftsperson of choice and literally see your commission come to life. Why not bring a friend or relative too? Commissioning a work of craft excellence is a journey that can and should be shared.

Nestled in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside

Grandey’s Place is nestled in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside. There is a wave of calm and relaxation that one experiences as they drive away from the hubbub of daily life towards our studios. Any tour of Grandey’s Place studios will leave you wondering in amazement at the supreme heritage crafts practised on site. 

Why not round off your visit to Grandey’s Place by enjoying a traditional pub meal in one of the nearby picturesque country venues, such as The Fox & Hounds, Hunsdon, or with a visit to the Henry Moore Studio and Gardens which is less than 10 minutes away.

All in all, a journey of creation that is indeed, ‘a journey all its own’.

The Fox and Hounds Pub, High Street, Hunsdon, SG12 8NH.

The Henry Moore Studio and Gardens, Dane Tree House, Perry Green, SG10 6EE.