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Jo Grogan

Wood Carving and Sculpture


Jo Grogan 

Grandey's Place QEST Scholar

Grandey’s Place directly funds a number scholarships and awards in association with the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST), providing an alternative opportunity to express our on-going commitment to preserving and nurturing our endangered heritage crafts. 

PLEASE NOTE: Jo is not resident at Grandey’s Place.

Jo Grogan is a Liverpool born, London-based artist.  Her work relates to past and present with a focus on generational craftmanship. Her practice explores the narratives of social-cultural history and the work of women, informed by her upbringing in Liverpool and traditional familial hand skills. Using her background in fashion and love of nature she interprets textile and natural forms into fluid sculptures using traditional hand wood carving methods.

The collaboration of traditional techniques extends to the design, application, and finish of each piece. Colouring is applied with precious ancient gilding techniques. Composition of form is made instinctively during the modelling stage, a combination of technical skill, expression and drawing in three dimensions.

Jo is a current resident at the Sarabande Foundation and a 2023 City and Guilds of London Art School graduate. She is the recipient of a Wood Award and the Grinling Gibbons 300 Carving Award. She has exhibited at the OXO Gallery, holds a QEST Grandey’s Place scholarship, and extends her commitment beyond art through social charitable schemes for positive community impact.

Instagram: @jogrogancarving

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