Poppy Field

Figurative Sculpture 


Poppy Field (b. 1993; London, UK).

Poppy set up her studio at Grandey’s Place following the sale of her first life-size sculpture Everything in Now. This was commissioned in bronze through an auction at the Victoria & Albert Museum organised by QEST (Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust). It is now installed in a private garden in The Chilterns.

Poppy graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art with a BA Hons in the History of Art and then trained in figurative sculpture at The Florence Academy of Art. There, she was awarded the inaugural “Graduate in Residence” prize for sculpture. Poppy’s studies in Florence were made possible thanks to a QEST Finnis Scott Foundation Scholarship, a Study Abroad Studentship awarded by The Leverhulme Trust, and a Florence Academy of Art work scholarship. Since graduating in 2018, Poppy has been awarded the Tiranti Prize at The Society of Portrait Sculptors’ Annual Exhibition and has been selected for the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur Foundation. 

Existing works: The majority of works shown here and on Poppy’s website can be purchased directly from her studio. If a work is not in stock, and/or you would like to choose a bespoke patina, it can be cast in bronze to order. New casts take between c.10-16 weeks depending upon the complexity and scale of the piece. 

Bespoke Commissions: Poppy makes the process of commissioning a new sculpture simple and straightforward. It can generally be understood as a 5-step Process and this is outlined on Poppy’s website. Bespoke commissions are cast as unique works with provision for one Artist’s Proof. 

Craft Spotlight

Portrait Busts

Portrait Busts: require an estimated 20-25 hours sitting. Sculpting a true likeness is a time investment that will be treasured for generations. It requires that Poppy captures the essence and psychological presence of a sitter as well as their features. Sculpting from life allows for easy conversation which reveals an array of expressions unique to each sitter. Poppy studies these fleeting moments as she sculpts to better create a “biography” of the sitter.

Portrait Maquettes

Portrait Maquettes: require an estimated 15-20 hours posing per figure and typically measure up to 45 cm in height. Nude or clothed, portrait maquettes are a fun way to mark important birthdays and celebrate milestones such as a pregnancy. Multi-figural compositions are a fantastic way to capture family groups and commemorate engagements, marriages, anniversaries, and other meaningful partnerships.

Domestic, Garden, and Memorial sculpture

Domestic, Garden, and Memorial sculpture: Commissioning a larger work directly from Poppy’s studio will allow you to be involved in the creative process. There are poems, verses, myths, and muses that - if meaningful to you - could be re-interpreted in the context of your home or garden. Poppy is available to help bring your vision to life within your budget and to time.  

Monumental and Corporate Sculptures

Monumental and Corporate Sculptures: These are often major undertakings requiring extensive research into the historical significance of a site, specific figures, and/or events. Poppy is available to work with communities, companies, and public bodies to create commemorative, engaging, demographic, and topical figurative sculpture appropriate for public spaces.  

Sculpture Workshops

Sculpture Workshops - Poppy offers an insight into the fundamental aspects of figurative sculpture through conversation and practical workshops. Course participants work on a portrait or gesture study in water-based clay, using direct observation of a life model. Lunch and all materials are provided. All abilities welcome.  

Art History Lectures

Art History Lectures - Poppy has spoken at The Representational Art Conference, California (2015) and lectured for the Florence Academy of Art (2016-19) and Rome Art Program (2017). She is always ready to share her fascination for the art of memory, bronze and lost-wax casting as well as celebrate the work of figurative sculptors such as Cellini, Claudel, Donatello, Massacio, Michelangelo, Rodin, and Sanmartino.

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