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National Press Coverage for Grandey’s Pocket Watch Expert

Published on Tue 19 Mar 2024 at 00:00

Grandey’s Place antiquarian horologist, Seth Kennedy, has featured in national press coverage in the Daily Mirror. Seth recently restored an incredibly rare 18th century pocket watch linked to the 1996 Christmas episode of the BBC comedy series Only Fools & Horses when Del Boy and Rodney became overnight millionaires. The TV duo had found what they believed was a Victorian egg-timer in their garage but had actually stumbled across the fabled John Harrison H6 ‘lesser’ watch, netting them £6.2million at auction. 

The real H6 lesser watch has never been found and only a drawing of it exists. However, a stunning timepiece by John’s son William - who worked very closely with his famous Longitude prize-winning father - found its way onto Seth’s workbench for restoration. 

Very many congratulations to Seth for having his work recognised in the national news media.  

You can read the Daily Mirror coverage HERE